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After moving in with my mom in a fairly large city in comparison to my small town existence, I quickly got involved in their theatre department. I had dreamed of becoming an actress since elementary school and finally I was attending a school that actually had a theatre department that put on plays three times a year! I was thrilled. After auditioning for my first play, I landed a role as a Jewish child locked up in a Natzi camp. The play was called, I Never Saw Another Butterfly. In this play I had to wear full on stage makeup, spray paint my hair brown (there weren’t any red headed Jews) and wear drabby torn clothes with a yellow star pinned to it. I even had to master a Jewish accent.

The set was black with a slanted elevated stage in the shape of a star, the gels casted dark blues and purples on the stage, while each character performed a monologue about what it was like to be a child in a camp. The monologues were based from real life accounts told by children who created a book while they were in the camp. This play was so dark and dreary that it took me a while to get out of character.

I remember my mom picking me up from play practice after our first dress rehearsal stunned by my makeup and facial expression. All the way home, I couldn’t even crack a smile. When we arrived home, my mom took a picture of me in full make up and I couldn’t even smile for the camera.

In the shower I envisioned myself washing away the Jewish child locked in the camps as I watched the brown hair spray and makeup go down the drain. It wasn’t until after my shower that I felt like Jessie, the girl living in a basement apartment; free.

I believe this is the play that got me into a lot of trouble. At this time I had reconnected with an old step-mom of mine and had invited her to the play. She was a wonderful free-spirited woman who wanted to go when my mom went. They picked our Saturday performance. My dad and family were coming but didn’t want to tell me what night for fear of making me nervous. Our Thursday and Friday performances came and went with no families there to greet me at the end. My heart sank and my stomach churned. How would my father react to seeing both of his ex-wives at the same play with his new girlfriend in tow? I tried not to worry about it as I gave my performance. At the end my Dad, his new girlfriend, my sister, my grandma, my mom, and his ex-wife all greeted me at the same time. I went outside to say goodbye to my step-mom and then went back in to see a red hot dad standing next to his girlfriend and my mom. I knew I was in a world of trouble, but was it really my fault?

That following weekend was my weekend with my dad and before he even picked me up Saturday morning, he sat me down in my mom’s living room and gave me a lecture I will never forget. Apparently I should have thought it through better when inviting old lovers of his that I happened to have bonded with. Oh well.


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